Saturday, 11 August 2012

Above-Average Drivers

"The one thing that unites all human beings, regardless of age, gender, religion or ethnic background, is that we all believe we are above-average drivers." (Dave Barry) 

I thought it was time to warn people that I am learning to drive. I've been at it for a while but am starting to think I should send out an advanced notification to people before I hit the road. Just in case I hit them. 

Driving is fun. It's also logical and flows well so it isn't as hard as I thought. It's still hard though. The absolute worst part is driving theory. Theory isn't really that difficult but it's as boring as watching paint dry. I have a whole book on it but just can't really get into it. I like reading, yet somehow the Highway Code isn't top of my list of books to read before I die. I have my theory test next Wednesday though, so I should probably get to it.

I enjoy driving a lot but it frustrates me. I dislike being unable or slow to learn how to do things. I know all new drivers stall when they're starting out and it's generally just practice that is needed but it is still painful. I stalled in front of a bus during my first lesson. I practically died then and there of embarrassment. The bus driver just gave me a friendly wave. If he'd been a nasty driver I may have cried.
My instructor is a women and my male friends thought that was quite funny. The volume of women driver jokes wasn't as high as I expected though. They're supportive in their own way - or rather they listen and laugh at me when I tell them I have done badly in a lesson. They assure me this is their way of spurring me on to improve. 

One issue is the cost of driving. My lessons are expensive and insurance is a joke. I could buy several cars for the price it costs me to insure one. It's not really fair. 

I hope I can pass before I go to university. As I said, this driving lark costs a fortune and take up a lot of time. It's a useful skill to have. I think it will be worth it in the long run. As long as I don't end up stuck as the designated driver in the future.

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