Wednesday, 1 August 2012

30 Things About Me

My friend Claire, another blogger, is celebrating her 30th birthday soon! To mark it she's shared 30 facts about herself and challenged her friends to do that too. Being a fairly average person, this is harder than you would think... I hope she doesn't mind but I've decided to express my 30 facts as 15 things I like, then 15 things I don't. In no particular order.


1) Kittens

2) History

3) Words

4) Turquoise

5) Chocolate of any sort

6) Fantasy

7) The sound and smell of the sea

8) Unexpected texts

9) Family holidays

10) The necklace my boyfriend got me for my birthday

11) Rose wine

12) Going out with friends

13) Hugs

14) Old Disney films

15) My bed


16) Woodlice

17) Hypocrites

18) Badly written romance

19) Arguing with people close to me

20) Mushrooms

21) Narrow minded people

22) Too much make-up

23) The colour mustard

24) Holes in my tights

25) Zombies

26) Body hair

27) Being alone in the dark

28) Writer's block

29) Goodbyes

30) Sparkly vampires


So, there you go. Happy Birthday, Claire! I hope you have a very special day. :)

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  1. Thank you for playing a long Cat and for joining in my birthday celebrations!! Fabulous Facts! Looking forward to seeing you soon and really pleased you are coming to my birthday party!! XX