Thursday, 31 May 2012

Beautiful Blogger Award

I think this Beautiful Blogger Award is a very sweet idea. I am quite chuffed to be nominated as part of it and will send it on. Thank you for remembering me. Everyone's blog is beautiful in its own little way and it's nice to feel appreciated.

First, here are 7 facts about myself that I haven't mentioned before on this blog. I swore when I wrote this blog I would keep the more mundane aspects of my life off it but I'm taking this chance to air them out. I hope you can stay awake until the end of them.

1) I'm short. Sometimes I wish I was taller - like when I need to reach a higher shelf - but I rather like being small. It gives you a special perspective on life.

2) My middle name is Joy.  

3) I am 18 years old and still afraid of the dark. Anything could be lurking in the dark so I feel this fear is entirely rational. I hate the fact you can't see people's faces in the dark. It really freaks me out. It is not my only fear; others include heights and zombies. I would say these two are both rational as well and nothing you say will dissuade me.  

4) I prefer pen and paper to any other way of writing. I always type my work up on the computer but I can't start just looking at a blank computer screen. I need good old fashioned pen and paper.  

5) I hate liars. Partly this is because I am as gullible as they come.  

6) My worst habit is a tendency to overreact and cry inappropriately. I most definitely express my emotions. Even when I don't want to.       

7) I cannot cook.   


Now here are some of the blogs I read and enjoy in no particular order: - This beautiful blogger nominated me but I wanted to nominate her too as her blog is so good and she's always so good to me. - This lovely lady's blog is all about films and she knows what she's talking about. I enjoy reading her expert opinion on them. - Much as I don't want to inflate my friend's opinion of himself any more, I do want to nominate him as he is a rather good writer. - This lady is entirely unique. You never know what she will post about next. - This blogger wants to write at university and she's also my good friend. - This lady nominated me too and I wanted to nominate her as I find her blog, especially the parts about re-enactments and the stuff she makes for them, really interesting. - I thought I'd advertise this blog as the stuff they make is pretty awesome and deserves some recognition.

This is what to do now:
Put down seven facts about yourself,
Link to the blog of the person who nominated you,
Link to seven bloggers who you think deserve the award,
Let these bloggers know,
Simple as that. xx

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Stress is Nothing

"Stress is nothing more than a socially acceptable form of mental illness" (Richard Carlson)


This month I will be doing my final 'A' Level exams. The stress is just starting to show. The results of these will determine my immediate future and I am beginning to panic. Every time a little thing goes wrong, I practically hit the roof. I only got a B in my English Mock and was depressed for the rest of the day, getting furious at my boyfriend and practically dumping him when he said something I didn't like over lunch. My parents seem to be avoiding me now too. I told my mum to shut up today and she said if I did that again she'd send me to bed with no dinner. I am not usually rude to my mother and don't plan to be again soon but I am interested to see how that would play out as I am now slightly bigger than her and not sure how she intends to keep an 18-year-old from their dinner.

I'm currently alone in the lounge, surrounded by a mess of papers. Filing is not my strong point and I keep losing things that I think will end up being crucial to my exams. I went shopping yesterday for some snazzy new pens and a crisp new writing pad, hoping this would inspire me to do some revision. Unfortunately, after I had decorated the front page and carefully divided the pad up, heading each section with my subjects, I had no time left to revise.

The stress-induced eating is also starting to become more pronounced. Not only has most of my lunch money gone on chocolate, but I fear I will soon have to buy some more leggings as I slowly creep up a dress size through comfort-eating.   

I think blogging will be put on hold, partly because I should be revising and partly because my soul has been sucked out so much by my work load that I haven't enough inspiration to fill a teaspoon.

If I survive, I will return.